Mobile Reload

Never run out of credit again!

Zero credit stops our world from spinning (No phone calls? No games? The horror!). With e-pay, you can top up for a myriad of services and products in a matter of minutes at one of our point of sales near you.





Bill Payment

An errand made effortless

Paying bills is a necessary monthly nuisance to avoid service interruption, but it can be made effortless with e-pay. You are bound to pass by one of our numerous points of sale in your daily comings and goings.







Online Games Reload

May the fun never end

Online games now offer hours of awesome and affordable fun. e-pay provides a convenient way of purchasing games, and in-game vouchers and credits.






IDD Reload

Stay close over long distances

Making long distance phone calls don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Several IDD call packages are available though e-pay, keeping you connected to your family, friends and acquaintances even though they are thousands of miles away.



E-wallet Reload

Cashless is the way to go.

Transactions can be made cashless and fuss-free with these digital wallet options. It’s even safer (you can block/cancel a ‘stolen’ e-wallet but you can’t get back stolen cash, sadly).




We don’t call ourselves ‘one-stop provider’ for nothing.

Online payment systems are secure, flexible and adaptable. e-pay’s advanced systems also cater to a host of other services, including payments for software content, tickets, remittances, loyalty card redemption, etc.