We add value to your business.

Why be bothered with having an e-pay terminal in your store, you might ask. Well...

The type of heavy traffic that you’d like.

The higher the customer traffic in your store, the higher chances of making a sale. Having an e-pay terminal means that you’ll be attracting more potential customers to your store; they might walk in to, say, pay a bill, then look around and find something they’d like to buy. Chances are that they will become loyal customers as they will pop by regularly to use the e-pay service.

One terminal to rule them all.

Our all-inclusive terminal can be used to run multiple applications, which include e-pay services as well as credit card, debit card and Touch ‘n Go payments. The e-pay terminal replaces your existing terminal, so it doesn’t even take up more space than before. It can also generate daily sales reports required for reconciliation and auditing.

More products to sell, but no additional stock.

You’ll add a host of e-pay services to your product range, but there is no stock to worry your pretty little head about. Our products are of the virtual sort and you only pay the cost of what you sell. The only negligible cost is a minimal deposit for the e-pay terminal; installation and training are free.

We’ve got your back.

We’ll provide a variety of marketing material for display at your outlet, at no extra charge. Our dedicated Field Service Team will personally visit your outlet to provide guidance and support. Meanwhile, our Customer Service Officers are but a phone call away, from Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am to 5.30pm; Saturdays, 9.00am to 1.00pm.


Why should I join e-pay?

Your customer traffic immediately increases, at the negligible cost of a one-off deposit for the terminal, which is refundable. You’ll have more products to sell and you don’t even need to invest in any stock.

How much money do I make from selling e-pay products?

Depending on the product, the commission can be up to few ringgit. That can amount to substantial extra revenue at no risk at all!

Will I need to buy new equipment?

We’ll provide a multipurpose terminal that can process e-pay services, credit and debit card transaction as well as Touch ‘n Go payment. Only a minimal deposit is required and it’s fully refundable. So, you’re essentially just replacing your terminal and using your existing internet or phone line.

How will customers know that I offer e-pay services?

We’ll provide all the necessary marketing signage (for free!) and you will be listed on our website.

I’m not good with gadgets. Will I know how to use e-pay’s terminal?

It’s designed for even the tech-illiterate. We’ll also provide on-site training, user guide manual and paper rolls without further charge.

I’m sold! How do I join?

Call +603 5623 6000 or click on the Join Us! button above.