Frequently Asked Questions


New to e-pay

1.    What is e-pay?

e-pay is the leading electronic payment service provider and the largest prepaid top-up network in Malaysia.

We have one of the biggest retail networks in the country which includes ALL petrol stations as well as major hypermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, and other independent retailers. Look out for our e-pay signage and you will notice that e-pay is everywhere! To view our complete merchant list, click here.

2.    What is e-pay EVE Online Store?

The e-pay EVE Online Store aims to provide ease and convenience to all customers. You can buy reloads and pay bills effortlessly at the e-pay Online Shop. It is definitely so easy with e-pay.

3.    What can I do at the e-pay EVE Online Store?

You can purchase mobile reloads, game reloads, IDD reloads and even pay your bills at e-pay EVE Online Store.

4.      How can I start paying bills or buying reloads at the e-pay EVE Online Store?

You will need to register for an account here, with a valid email address.Then, click the link in your registered email address to verify your account. You can now start buying reloads or paying bills online with e-pay.

5.      Can I request for a refund if I purchased a top-up wrongly?

Unfortunately, no. All purchases are strictly non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Please make sure that you choose the correct product (top-up) before proceeding with payment.


Loyalty Programme

1.    What is Loyalty Programme?

With our Loyalty Program, you can earn more points. When you purchase reloads or make bill payments at the e-pay EVE Online Store, you will be able to earn loyalty points from our partners.

2.    Who are the Loyalty Programme partners?

For the time being, our partners are AirAsia BIG and Sunway Pals.

You can earn AirAsia BIG points or Sunway Pals points when you purchase at e-pay EVE Online Store.

3.    How do I get the points?

Once payment is made, a “Payment Successful” page will load. You will see the selection of the Loyalty Partners at the right corner. Then, choose either one and make sure that the correct membership number is inserted.

Sample page as per below:

4.    How many points can I collect?

The points rewarded are as follows:

  • Bill Payment Collection: 2 AirAsia BIG points OR 10 Sunway Pals points per transaction
  • Other product categories: 1 AirAsia BIG point for every RM5.00 OR 1 Sunway Pals point for every RM1.00

5.    Can I collect points for the previous transactions/purchases?

No, you cannot collect points from previous transactions/purchases because the points reward is an automatic process. We cannot submit it manually.

6.    How do I collect points from your partner, Bonuslink?

You can visit our partner, Bonuslink.Click here.

Register via Bonuslink website and make e-pay purchases via Bonuslink portal to collect Bonuslink points.

7.    How long will the points be reflected to my AirAsia BIG or Sunway Pals account?

Usually it will take less than 2 months. Please contact your respective loyalty partner for more information.


About Payment

1.    How do I make payment?

We accept both Card Payment (Credit Card & Debit Card), Online Banking, and e-Wallets (Boost, GrabPay, MCash) so you can select whichever option that suits your preference. However, for certain products, only one payment option is available.

2.    Sometimes, I encounter difficulties when paying with Credit Card/Debit Card. Why is that?

Due to security issue, each payment card can only perform up to ten (10) payment attempts on a daily basis. 

3.    Can I change my Payment Card (Credit Card/ Debit Card)?

Yes. This can be done after you select a product  when proceeding with payment.

On the Credit/Debit Card form, look for the“Pay With” field (circled in red below) and select “Other Card”. Then, key in all the required details of the card.

4.   Are payment refundable?

Yes, refunds can be processed in case there is any cancellation. However, it heavily depends on the circumstances.

5.  How soon will I receive my refund?

At e-pay, we offer two types of refund options based on the method you used to make the payment.

Once the refund process has been completed, you will be able to see the credited amount on your statement as per the timeframe displayed in the table above. If you do not receive the refunded amount within the following two months, please contact your issuing bank.

6.   How do I contact e-pay in case of any issues regarding my payment?

You can always email us at or call us during business hours at 03-5623 6000.


Mobile Reload

1.     Which telco reload/top up are available on e-pay?

You can purchase reload/top-up of most of the major telcos here; including Maxis Hotlink, DiGi, Celcom, U Mobile, TuneTalk, ONEXOX, Merchantrade, Altel, KartuAs 2in1 and more. Clickhere to view the complete telco list.

2.    How do I reload after purchasing?

When transaction is successful, you will receive a PIN that enables you to reload your mobile value. Reload instructions will be shown on the “Payment Successful” page, along with the PIN so do follow the instructions accordingly. On another note, the PIN will be sent to your registered email as well.


Bill Payment

1.    What types of bills can I pay at e-pay?

You can pay bills from electricity bill to phone bill such as Tenaga Nasional (TNB), Maxis Postpaid, Celcom Postpaid, redONE, YES Bill and more. Click here to view the complete list.

2.    What kind of information will be needed when I make a payment?

You can check the required information by moving your mouse cursor towards   next to “Account Number / Mobile Phone”. Accurate information and format are required for successful bill payment. Please refer to the sample below: 


3.    What else do I have to know about bill payment?

There are special rules applied to certain Bill Payment Products:

  • Tenaga Nasional Berhand (TNB) - only one (1) transaction per day, per account
  • Maxis Bill Payment - only one (1) transaction per day, per account


Game Reload

1.    Which game reload partners available on e-pay?

Most of the well-known Game Reload Partners are available on e-pay online; including Steam, PlayStation, MyCard, Garena, RazerGold, Offgamers, and more. Check out the full list here.

2.    How do I reload after purchasing?

Once a transaction is successful, you will receive a PIN and a serial number that lets you reload your game credit account. Instructions to reload are shown on the “Payment Successful” page, as well as the PIN and serial number. Make sure you follow the reload instructions as shown. The PIN will also be sent to your registered email.


Other Questions

1.    What happens if I do not see the PIN after payment is made?

The PIN will be sent to your registered email address upon payment. Please check your email inbox or junk/spam mail for the PIN.

You may refer to the sample below. Please use the PIN (circled in Red) displayed below the "Product Name" to top-up.

2.    Can I change my email address after registration?

No, you cannot because email address specifies the entity, so please make sure the email address provided during the registration process is correct.