"One Stop Electronic Payment Service Provider"
Top-up & Pay for over 50 products and services with e-pay.

is ubiquitous

We are at over 43,000 point of sales nationwide, as well as online portals and smartphones. You can just hop, skip and jump over to the nearest location to top-up, make a payment or simply go online.


Making payments for all sorts of products and services have become a daily chore.
You can now do it without visiting an actual store, but via e-pay’s online services. Easy peasy!

Don't let your phone credits reach zero
Top-up in less than 5 minutes.
Pay your bills from your sofa
Pay your bills even while watching your favourite programme.
Don't stop gaming!
Add funds to your favourite games, and keep playing.
 Grow with e-pay
Let us offer you a hand in this strange, big world of e-commerce
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