"One Stop Electronic Payment Service Provider"
Top-up & Pay for over 60 products and services with e-pay.

is ubiquitous

Over 49,000 point of sales nationwide, you can just hop, skip and jump over to the nearest location to top-up, make bill payments.


Our devices and mobile app are designed to ensure the best performance and security in mind,

offering a wide range of payment acceptance for any transaction.

Staying connected with more mobile airtime
Mobile reloads via all payment acceptance channels - VISA, Mastercard, MyDebit & e-Wallets
Pay bills and other services conveniently
Transact and collect bill payments securely.
Be the game changer!
Add funds to customer's favourite games, and keep them playing.
 Grow with e-pay
Let us offer you a hand in this strange, big world of e-commerce
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