Pay Your Maxis Postpaid Bill Promotion - Terms & Conditions

(1) How will e-pay contact winners & do prize fulfillment

1. Weekly winners that touches every subsequent 50th transaction of 40 winners will be handover to Maxis for verification on the following Wednesday.
2. Maxis will need to verify and confirm the details to be send over to e-pay on the same week Friday.
3. After receiving the confirm details such contact numbers and identification numbers e-pay will call winners individually to congratulate them on the winning.
4. e-pay will call the winners and will ask winners to come over to e-pay’s office for collection of Jusco voucher that worth of RM50. To those are unable to collect e-pay will courier the Jusco voucher to the respective winners.

(2) Full campaign T&Cs

1. Maxis Bill Payment promotion is from 15th June till 15th August 2011 for two(2) months duration
2. Promotion will be available via e-pay’s Petrolmarts except Shell
3. e-pay’s communication are as follows :-
Social Media (Digital Marketing)
e-pay Corporate Website
e-pay news to be fax over to retailers
POSM – Wobbler and Glass Stickers 
e-pay’s invoice footer placement of ads to all retailers
4. Maxis contribution are as follows :-
SMS Blast to Maxis Postpaid User
e-pay & Maxis Corporate Website
5. Mechanics for promotion are as follows :-
Rundown 1
Forty (40) winners per week. This will base on “The first 50th transaction winners of every subsequent 50th Maxis bill payment transaction per week will enjoy a RM50 Jusco vouchers
Rundown 2
The promotion will last for 2 months, so there will be 320 winners overall within the 2 (Two) months promotion
6. Jusco voucher worth of RM50 x 320 winners (2 months) with the grand total of RM16,000 will be sponsored 50% equally by e-pay (M) Sdn Bhd and Maxis Berhad
7. Standard clause must be included “Non refundable or exchangeable with cash. Winning amount of RM50 Jusco voucher and selection are finals. Not applicable to staff of e-pay (M) Sdn Bhd and Maxis Berhad. 

(3) Service/Campaign FAQ

Q1. When is the promotion period?
A1. The Maxis promotion starts from 15th June 2011 till 15th August 2011.
Q2. Who is eligible to participate in the promotion?
A2. This promotion is applicable to all Maxis Postpaid Customer
Q3. What do I need to do to be eligible to participate?
A3. Walk in to any Petrolmarts except Shell during the promotion period and pay your Maxis Bill there to stand a chance to win a “RM50 Jusco voucher” if you are the every subsequent 50th customer that walks in. (ie : 50th , 100h, 150th transaction and so on)  
Q4. What if I have more than one Maxis Postpaid Account? Can I pay again and stand a chance to win the “RM50 Jusco Voucher”?
A4. Yes you can as long as it is a different account number
Q5. If I am a supplementary Maxis Postpaid account, can I still participate?
A5. Supplementary Postpaid holders are not eligible for this promotion however, their transaction(s) will be captured to the principal Postpaid account holder           
Q6. Is there a minimum or maximum amount to make payment in order to participate?
A6. No minimum nor maximum. Amount is variable dependent how much is your Maxis Postpaid bill for the month
Q7. Is there a limit to the number of RM50 Jusco Voucher that I can receive?
A7. Yes. The RM50 Jusco Voucher is limited to one per customer during the promotion period  
Q8. When will I receive the RM50 Jusco Voucher?
A8. Customer will receive a call from e-pay (M) Sdn Bhd in the following week after payment is made.
Q9. If I am an employee or the immediate family members of Maxis Berhad or e-pay (M) Sdn Bhd?
A9. No, you cannot participate in this promotion
Q10. If I wish to know more info about this promotion, who should I call?
A10. To e-pay Customer Support Helpline: 03-5623 6000